Washing silk is easier than many people think, even though it requires some extra love and care. Silk contains natural fats and these are important not to break down when washing your pillowcase. However, you do not need to wash silk as often as other fabrics like cotton since silk is very resistant to dust, mites, fungal particles and mold. 


  • Use an enzyme-free detergent adapted for silk, that you will find at the grocery store, or in most places that sell detergent.
  • Never wash at more than 30 degrees, whether you wash by hand or in a machine. If you machine wash, use the silk/wool program and preferably a laundry bag. 
  • Never tumble dry your silk products. Let it dry on a towel.
  • Our colored pillowcases bleed some. Therefore, remember to wash it separately. However, they keep the same nice color wash after wash.