The name SOÀ is inspired by the French word for silk - Soie. The idea for Soà Stockholm came during a visit to a hair salon in Paris where one of the Soà founders was ordered to immediately switch to a silk pillowcase. The enthusiastic hairdresser claimed it would work wonders for her fragile nordic hair. After a few years of researching the benefits for hair and skin, the idea became reality. Soà was founded in 2017 in Stockholm, and has since then created simple and sustainable hair care in 100% mulberry silk.
Om Soa Stockholm - Sidenörngott och sovmasker


Our silk pillowcases are designed in Stockholm and produced in the Jiangsu province in eastern China - the silk mecca. The province is well known for its mulberry trees and traditional silk production. Our atelier and warehouse is located next to Mariatorget in Stockholm. The SOÀ Stockholm brand belongs to Santinou Handelsbolag with org number 969782-3384.